Avoid distraction and increase productivity? There’s an App for that.

Urban Concierge’s services cater to busy personal and corporate lifestyles, easing the tasks of clients who need to take advantage of every minute each day. We pride ourselves on providing services that add life to clients’ style. So when we spotted these productivity life hacks on Collective Hub, we just had to share!

If you’re like me, you’re probably using a smart phone’s tech features more than what a phone was originally designed to do – make calls! Apps are very helpful, from getting around town, to staying in touch with friends and family.

Here are 5 apps you may not know about, but are worth a look to help reduce the “noise” of other apps, and stay on top of appointments and to-do lists:

1. Any.do
Guilty of scribbling important information on Post It notes that get lost easily? Any.do lets you make lists and tasks, syncing across all of your devices, making sure you to keep track of tasks and reminders.

2. Evernote Food
Remember the sight, smell and taste of that great meal, but not the name of the dish or the restaurant where you enjoyed it? Evernote have released Evernote Food, which helps keep track of great meals you’ve enjoyed and the places you had them.

3. Saent
Need to block out the noise? Saent blocks many apps and websites that are unproductive and offers a Bluetooth-enabled, coaster-sized button to lock you into ‘focused work sessions’. The app also indicates how ‘productive’ you were, and your best and worst times of day to work. Work with Saent and those pesky Candy Crush notifications are a thing of the past!

4. Flipboard
Flipboard allows you to select topics you’re interested in, and the app creates a themed magazine using real time news and headlines. You can also connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see all your social network updates in one place. Great for industry specific updates before a morning briefing.

5. Sunrise
This calendar syncs with Google, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange and keeps all your appointments in one place. Sunrise gives you weather updates, maps the locations of your meetings, and connects with Facebook and LinkedIn to show you the faces of people you’re meeting in your calendar.

What other productivity apps do you use?

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