Relocation or preparing for sale?

Make sure you kill two birds with one stone!

Relocating or selling? Moving house, temporarily or permanently, requires a strong degree of patience and will power.

Urban Concierge has shared some tips on packing up a house ready for relocation or sale. Choosing the essentials and removing the items in your home that are simply collecting dust is the ultimate reward for packing diligently for either a relocation or sale. A more streamlined home to unpack in your new location, or a head start on preparing your home for sale and maximising your property’s attractiveness awaits!

If you’re relocating or selling, clear the clutter!

The key is not to move ANYTHING you don’t want in your new home. Clear the clutter now so you don’t have to spend time and energy moving it.

If you’re relocating, identify items in your wardrobe that you no longer use or need. If you’re selling, remove half the items from your wardrobes so the inside looks neat and organised for open home inspections. Potential buyers want to see space, not your mess. Ditto your pantry but make sure you cull food.

You may love your artwork and family photos, but potential buyers want to imagine their artwork and pictures on the wals. Remove some so buyers see the full potential of your house.


These are great tips regardless of if you’re relocating or selling. Packing is always a nightmare, but hopefully these tips can make the experience somewhat more attractive.

  • Make sure you have everything you need to pack boxes: Too many people start the process without the essentials: The boxes themselves,  packing tape, bubble wrap for fragile pieces, permanent black markers, trash bags.
  • Clear floorspace in your home in four different locations for packing:
  1. Packed Boxes to Move
  2. Charity Donations
  3. Giveaway/Returm
  4. Sell
  • Make sure each box is clearly labelled before you tape them up: Living Room, Family Room, Master Bedroom, Kid’s Room, etc. This will make it easier to unpack boxes in their correct location in your new place.
  • As you move throughout your home packing boxes, I recommend starting with the heaviest items that will form the base of your Packed Boxes to Move area. Books are almost always a good item for this. Use small boxes, and group similar types together (cookbooks with cookbooks, children’s books with children’s books).
  • The Essentials Box: These will be the last items you take out of your current house and the first items you unpack in your new place. These will be things like cleaning supplies, basic cooking essentials, bedsheets – anything else you will need the first couple days in your new place.

Selling? Spring Cleaning? Maximise your home.

Let In The Light: Maximise natural light in your home. Pull back heavy curtains and clean windows.

First Impressions Count: If your garden is regularly ignore plant some shrubs or flowers or get a professional gardener in for a morning to clean up the lawn.  A pressure cleaner will make your home’s exterior more inviting.  Inside, a new coat of paint, and clean curtains and will also make a big difference.

Pets: A potential buyer may not appreciate Fido’s hair and odour – so make sure all animal hair is cleaned up and food dishes are out of sight. Consider making sure Fido is elsewhere come open day.

Open Day Checklist: 

  • Vacuum
  • Clean the inside and outside of windows
  • Lights on in each room
  • Fresh towels in bathrooms
  • Straighten lounge cushions and coffee table magazines
  • Brew a fresh pot of coffee or cookies or muffins. The aroma is inviting!
  • Fresh flowers

If these tips on packing your house make the process seem even more overwhelming, Urban Concierge has the solution. We’ve very experienced in making the transition to a new home as seamless as possible. Contact Kathryn and the team.

Warm regards,

Kathryn and the Urban Concierge Team

Created to add value to time-poor professionals, individuals and families, Urban Concierge’s personal concierge and lifestyle management services are the key to your ultimate lifestyle. Kathryn Mayne and the Urban Concierge team offer  services tailored to reflect each client’s particular needs and personality with a minimum of fuss, but with maximum style.

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