J Hanlon

Moving home can be a traumatic process. More so when, as in my case, you are uprooting 33 years of life in Sydney and going back to live in New Zealand.

The mind-bending detail of preparing my warehouse home for sale — which involved significant renovation and styling — plus packing and shipping, was a huge task.

Add to that the details and admin involved with unraveling the strings that tied me to banks, businesses, e-tags and utility companies, the address changes, mail diversion and so forth …
the list is endless.

Yet this monumental task became easy the day I contacted Kathryn Mayne at Urban Concierge.

After taking the brief and setting timelines, Kathryn quite literally sent me away on holiday while she supervised the renovation and painting of my home, the styling for sale and the packing and
shipping and every other little thing.

This included dealing with shipping agents and storage facilities on both sides of the Tasman.

The process was seamless and, to say the very least, Kathryn’s role was invaluable. I had complete confidence in her cheerful competence.

Furthermore, her completely reliable and efficient service continues to this day. Kathryn still takes care of my personal and business requirements in Australia while I look on from afar.

I commend Kathryn to you. She will make your life easy.

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