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Kathryn Mayne

Urban Concierge responded quicker than an old friend. The next day, others were responding to my enquiries while Kathryn and her team had already met my needs.

Kathryn Mayne: High profile but down to earth

Urban Concierge was born out of self need for the Principal of Urban Concierge, Kathryn Mayne during her 10+ year tenure at Macquarie Bank Limited of long hours, travel and trying to achieve that elusive balance between work and family life.

Having recognised the challenges of trying to find that balance she identified the opportunity to start a business assisting others solve that work life challenge and founded Urban Concierge which now provides a premium lifestyle management & personal concierge service to professionals, individuals and families.

Kathryn is a recognised Accredited Concierge Professional with iCALM and an industry specialist.

Urban Concierge has been working with sophisticated clients for over 6 years with a primary focus on privacy, discretion and a sophistication and quality executed lifestyle management services.

Being apart of the Urban Concierge family our clientele benefit from customised solutions with access to Urban Concierge’s black book & national network providing clients an exclusive and unique lifestyle.


Why choose Urban Concierge?

  • You receive something that money can’t buy. Peace of mind. We are a premier concierge and lifestyle management service, owned by concierge specialist, Kathryn Mayne. Every task we complete, every item we purchase on behalf of you, is gift wrapped in our flawless reputation. We deliver the highest quality service in the industry, paying absolute attention to detail.In many cases we work with emotional assets such as homes, and sensitive information such as credit card details. So if you value peace of mind, invest in the people who will complete your tasks confidentially, discreetly and expertly.
  • You’ll love our approachability. We love making people’s lives easier and happier! Our staff are here to serve your needs with professionalism, efficiency, and most importantly, with a friendly smile. Our enthusiasm shines through in everything we do.
  • You save time. Imagine not doing the leg work on so many of the tasks that eat away at your time? Imagine just picking up the phone, asking us to complete a task, and knowing that it will be done promptly and proficiently? Imagine no more. It isn’t a dream, it’s reality. And we’re just a phone call away.
  • You enjoy open lines of communication. At Urban Concierge we are masters at the art of communication. We consistently keep you in the loop without bothering you unnecessarily.
  • You’ll work with people who ‘get you’.  Our staff have a corporate and/or organisational background, so we understand time constraints related to family and careers. We are living proof that it can work seamlessly. We bring our experience, empathy and understanding to everything we do.
  • You will be assured of our discretion and confidentiality at all times. We work with an even mix of males and females who are CEO’s, management staff, local personalities, politicians, mums and dads. Unless they’ve agreed to a testimonial, you won’t ever hear about them. We fiercely protect their privacy just as we will fiercely protect yours.
  • You receive personal, customised service. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to concierge services. You are absolutely unique, so your needs and communication preferences will be different to others. We will adapt and customise our service to your specific work style.
  • You’ll love our can-do attitude. We complete tasks of all kinds from paying electricity bills to locating Samurai swords. We launch into every task with eagerness, positivity and poise. Got a curly request? We’ve got the confidence and coolness to get it done.
  • You’ll relish our speed and efficiency. You are our priority and we’ll always be here for you. We work as fast as we can to achieve your outcomes. We’re always just a phone call way, especially when you need us the most – we’re available, reliable, and ready to assist!
  • You’ll look good in the eyes of your work colleagues, family and friends. Need flowers delivered for your wedding anniversary? Need the perfect present for your daughter or team manager? We organise the best of everything so that you’ll get the kudos you deserve.
  • You’ll feel reassured by our experience, credibility and industry recognition. We’ve been serving the needs of our clients for years, and they love what we do. Our industry recognises us too.
  • You’ll enjoy the experience. Working with Urban Concierge isn’t just about outsourcing, it’s about enjoying an experience. It’s about getting your jobs done in a way that makes you feel good on the inside, and makes you look good on the outside! In short, you’ll love the process.
  • You benefit from our trusted network of contacts. We work with a wide and trusted network of suppliers, tradespeople and executive professionals, which means, no matter what your job or task is, we can organise it quickly and efficiently.
  • You’ll get so much more than you expect. We are proactive professionals. Once a relationship has been established we often pre-empt many of your needs in order to improve your time management and outcomes. We always do this in consultation and conjunction with you, but in some cases where clients have built up a solid relationship with a particular consultant, it can be a case of, “I trust you, just do what needs doing.”

Now you know why our clients love us.

Lose the busy, love your life.

Contact us today. Freedom is just a phone call away.